Clomid: a great option for women

There are plenty of women out there who are trying to get pregnant and are not able to do so. Many have gone through in vitro fertilization processes only to fail and left feeling helpless and barren. Lucky for most, Clomid seems to been a great option for women who are at their wits end and need it to assist in their journey. It is pretty much a treatment that is used orally to assist with stimulating ovaries for women due to failure.

What is this product?

This product helps give women a chance to become fertile and get pregnant especially women who are experiencing various sorts of health issues relative to fertility and ovulation irregularity. Clomid has been deemed effective in increasing the rates in pregnancy, therefore maximizing the chances greatly. If a woman feels as if she is a good candidate for this product she would need to set up a doctor appointment and get medical advice on how to know what the best options are and how to proceed with it once prescribed. How it works is once your menstrual cycle begins, your doctor would practically have to do a pelvic exam and figure out what the cycle would be to start using clomid. With that, it secretes the estrogen and other stimulating hormones to prepare the body for pregnancy.

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One of the main active ingredients in Clomid is clomiphene. This helps drastically with ovulation stimulation. Again this seems to be a great option for many women who are having a difficult time becoming mothers.


Side effects

However there are various side effects that most need to be aware of. Just as all medications have their risks, this is no exclusion. There could be swelling and pain in the pelvic area. Even sometimes the ovaries might get enlarged due to hyperstimulation. Another side effect would be the fact that having twins could be increased drastically as a result of the use of clomid. But this is also true with many fertility treatments. Women could also experience vision problems, dizziness and sometimes headaches as well. Cysts are also another risk to consider but as I have stated, no drug is without risk. Now as far as obtaining Clomid in Australia, one would have to do so at an online pharmacy such and even some canadian online drug stores. and which mostly have next day delivery system. Meaning they would usually ship out in a 24 hour period. The packaging is usually safe and secure. More like a brownish paper mailer with either foam or bubble wrap so that way it can ensure safety and freshness during the transit process. Most times it would take 2-3 weeks for delivery but in some cases and based on the shipping method chosen, it can be in as little as 3-8 days. The price of Clomid does not seem out of the way as most drugs. You can get it by the pack but you also pay per pill and that is based on the Milligrams and effectiveness of each. So for example a pack of clomid pills with the potency of 100MG would cost approximately $41.50 which would be about $1.30 per pill and so on. The lower the miligrams, the cheaper the pack would become. But mostly as the amount goes up there are discounts that are applied, at least for the online store. These pills seems rather cheap even without the given discount rates that they are going for.

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