Cialis: is it good for men?

To those of us that are affected by erectile dysfunction it can easily become a big problem in our lives. Erectile dysfunction works to remove our ability to choose to participate in sexual activity when we want to or when the mood happens to arise. This can cause unnecessary stress when we find ourselves in those situations and have to wonder whether or not we will be able to perform. It can easily be misconstrued by the other party as a lack of interest or that we perhaps are not attracted to them, backing us into an awkward corner. This can always lead to one avoiding trying to enter new relationships due to the concern.

Erectile dysfunction is commonly cause by a restriction in blood flow to the penis. The level of the issue can vary widely between individuals. This means some may have issues on occasion that are not too severe, while others may have frequent problems nearly preventing an erection in general. Cialis is available to assist in correcting this issue.

Cialis is a bit different from other erectile dysfunction medications in that its active ingredient is Tadalafil. The difference lies in the effective time frame of the medication. As opposed to some other medications that may only last for up to four hours, Cialis is known to potentially last up to thirty six hours. Cialis also works to alleviate symptoms associated with a enlarged prostate as well. This can help those who have issues with urinating too frequently or having the sensation of never quite being able to empty the bladder despite repeated attempts.

 Cialis dosage

As with other medications that come in pill form it is meant to be taken orally. Cialis comes in four different doses which are 2.5mg, 5mg, 10mg and 20mg. In general most will find that 10mg is what works for them though others will need more or less. Finding the appropriate dosage is an important step in seeking relief from the symptoms and can be done through the help of your doctor. Cialis is also different in that due to its increased activity window it can either be taken as needed or taken as a everyday pill. The situation varies for everyone. In general side effects are typically nothing major and include things such as back and muscle pain, headache, dizziness and upset stomach. Certain conditions can be aggravated by use of Cialis and sexual activity such as heart conditions due to the increased strain that is then placed on heart. Thankfully in Australia there are now a number of online pharmacies that are available to serve you in shipping your prescription discreetly to your door. After all who does not want to be able to skip the hassle of waiting on the prescription to be filled at a traditional pharmacy.

Overall it could easily be considered more convenient than taking the time out of your day, especially if you do not live closely to a pharmacy. It is important to work together with your physician to determine whether use of Cialis is appropriate for you when evaluating your personal medical history and that of your family history. Make use of safe sex practices as Cialis does not prevent the transmission of any sexual diseases.

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