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Genuine and Useful Information Pertaining to Clomid – The Fertility Drug

What is Clomid?

If you have been considering to use Clomid, but haven’t, then you might be wondering what Clomid is really like. This is a fertility drug that is non-steroidal. The success rate associated with Clomid is relatively high while its side effects are low and those that are common aren’t adverse side effects. This shows that the side effects of Clomid are worth risking. Clomid is a fertility drug that is taken by women in order for it to facilitate pregnancy. It does this by inducing ovulation. However, this does not translate that it guarantees results always. It also does not mean that there are no risks. Below is critical information that you should have in your possession if you are going to use this drug. Clomid is also known as Clomiphene.

Clomid in Australia

Clomid in Australia

Why should you take Clomid?

The reason why you should try this fertility drug is because it can solve your ovulation issues in case you are a woman who has long struggled with infertility. In case you are in Australia and you do not ovulate on a monthly basis, your doctor might prescribe this drug to you. The doctor might also prescribe the medicine in case you ovulate too early or too late during the cycle or even in cases where you do not ovulate. It is a medicine that is widely used in Australia to increase the production of the egg for technologies that assist reproduction like the in vitro fertilization.

How does Clomid work?

This is a drug that stimulates ovulation through facilitating the pituitary glands to produce high levels of follicle stimulating hormone. This is a hormone that makes the growth of ovarian follicles be promoted. The follicles contain eggs that stimulate estrogen release. In case the drug is a success, a luteinizing hormone surge occurs later in the week once the pills are already taken. This means that ovulation occurs and by that you can be ready for fertilization.

What is life like after taking the pills?

The doctor commences the first dosage that is supposed to be 50mg orally. This happens on either the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th day of your cycle. You are advised to take a pill for each day, for the next 5 days. Ovulation is supposed to happen between the 13th and 18th day of your cycle. Failure to which the doctor should increase the dose to 100 mg. 100mg is the maximum dosage as recommended by Food and Drug Administration.

How can you know if you have ovulated?

To know if you have ovulated or not, your doctor might ask you to go for the ovulation predictor kit over-the-counter you can also chart your basal body temperature (BBT) for the same reason. Your BBT is determined by measuring your temperature each morning. Using the Attain Fertility Planner is also an alternative.

Are there side effects?

About 10 percent of women who take Clomid suffer the side effects. However, these are no adverse effects as they are similar to what you feel before starting your cycle. Some of these are;

· Breast tenderness

· Headaches

· Bloating

· Dizziness

· Hot flashes

· Mood swings

You should also be aware of the following effects.

· Ovarian hyper- stimulation which is a rare case, but a serious one. It’s characterized by pain during ovulation and discomfort in the pelvic region.

· Abnormal vaginal bleeding

· Visual disturbances

The above information pertains to answers to questions mostly asked about Clomid. However, it is wise to know where you can get it in Australia. You can easily access it from chemists and online stores as well. However, you should be very careful when buying it online, in order to prevent buying a fake drug that might do you more harm than good. Buy Clomid in AU, but ensure that it is a genuine product and also consider consulting your doctor first before taking any step. All the best.



Buy Nolvadex tablets

Tamoxifen is the medicine used for preventing and treating breast cancer which is sold under the brand name of Nolvadex. It is also under research for other types of cancer. The other types of diseases like which are cured by this medicine are infertility and gynecomastia. It is also used for treating Albright Syndrome. It was discovered in 1967 which got a place in the list of essential medicines by World Health Organization.

 Buy Nolvadex tablets

 Buy Nolvadex tablets
How to use Nolvadex & its dosage:
Before starting to use it – it’s always good to read the pharmacist instructions. It will be taken by mouth, usually two doses daily for five years. Doses which exceed 20 milligrams are generally divided into two and taken twice a day, in morning and evening, or as directed by your doctor. If you are using the liquid type of the medicine you should read the prescription correctly and take it according to your doctor’s advice.
According to the treatment and the stage you are on your dosage might vary as your doctor suggestion. Using it regularly will create a lot of benefits. If your cancer has affected other parts of your body when you take this medication it will increase the pain it causes in your body. The good response of medicine is known by the symptoms like increased bone pain, increased tumor size or even creation of new tumors. Usually these symptoms will go quickly if it didn’t go it is important to inform your doctor right away so that they can change the dosage of it accordingly.

Side Effects:
This medicine though is used all around the world for curing breast cancer there are still some side effects while using them. Here is a list of those symptoms.
• Vaginal Itching
• Vaginal Bleeding or discharge
• Vaginal discomfort
• Hot flashes
• Stomach Upset
• Constant Headaches
• Rash
• Decreased white blood cell count
• Uterine Cancer
• Stroke
• Vision Problems
• Pulmonary embolism
• Endometrial changes
• Increased Triglyceride levels
• Pulmonary Embolism
These are the most common side effects which people might face while using this medicine. But this medicine is strictly not to be used by pregnant women or women who are breastfeeding as it will highly affect babies.

How to buy Nolvadex Online:
There are many online sources in AU which provide this medicine all over the world. Online sources where you buy this medicine should be bought on trusted websites which are certified. Wherever you buy the medicine, the dosage of using it is very important and it should be taken according to the prescription of your doctor.
Generic Nolvadex in Australia:
This medicine is also available in generic form which is usually more preferred by people and doctors as the side effects are considered to a little low compared to the other one. This medicine when used in the early stages of breast cancer it will easily cure the cancer than in the last stages. Generic Nolvadex is usually approved and available in all parts of the world like Australia, United States, United Kingdom and other countries.