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How to Buy Clomid in AU: Online or at a Physical Store?

Clomid is a medication designed to help women who have fertility issues. It helps induce ovulation allowing a woman to know the perfect time to try and get a baby. This method is only ideal for women whose ovulation occurs irregularly like those with polycystic ovary syndrome. Results will usually be achieved within two months. If not achieved within 5 months of use Clomid should be stopped else serious implications will result. So, do you suffer from polycystic ovary syndrome and think Clomid can help you? Where can you buy Clomid AU?

Buy Clomid in Australia online

Buy Clomid in Australia online

There are two ways by which you can purchase Clomid; at physical stores and online. Each has is good and bad sides. Buying at a physical store will help you have the peace mind of knowing where to get help in case something goes wrong. It is a physical location that you can easily access. This however consumes a lot of time and a prescription may be demanded. You have to walk or drive all the way to the pharmacy store which will not only consume time but is tiring as well. There are much better things you can do with your time.

Buying Clomid in AU can also be done online. There are many online pharmacy stores that stock this drug. From these you can get it without any questions or the need for prescription. You will not be talking to a person who can see you so you will not have to feel embarrassed about your condition. Another advantage that buying online has is that it is economical. The energy you would have used going to a physical store is saved since all you have to do is sit at home, access the pharmacy via the internet and make the order. The order is processed and the medication shipped to your address as soon as possible. The convenience online purchases offer is what makes it an even more ideal choice. You get to purchase from wherever you are and can make the order at any time. The problem with online purchases is that you risk being ripped off by con men. The quality of medicine you get is also not guaranteed since inspection of such stores by health inspectors is not easy.

No matter the method you choose to buy Clomid, this is a cheap fertility solution to try and get a baby before going for more expensive methods. It is also convenient and non-invasive. For this you do not need to book an expensive appointment with your gynaecologist. As for the dosage it will be prescribed to you by the one selling the drug. Be sure to read the label on the drug before starting with the medication. Generally, one should start with low doses initially followed by a gradual increase in the dose till the maximum is reached. Adhering to this is very important because a sudden high dose results in harmful side effect including fibroids and endometriosis.

Is Clomid worth trying? With a success rate of 70% this is definitely an option you should consider. Buying Clomid in AU could be the start of your parenting journey.

Clomid : Dosage & General Instructions

Clomid is a unique remedy for female infertility, which is widely used in Europe and the United States. Since its inception, it has helped thousands of women in conceiving healthy babies and is widely acclaimed by doctors around the world for its effectiveness.

Buy Clomid in Melbourne

Buy Clomid in Melbourne

Working Mechanism

Clomid has a complex effect on the female body. Firstly, it blocks the receptors that produce estrogen and enables the maturation of follicles. The next step involves stimulating ovulation. During this process, there is an increase in the production of estradiol – the active female sex hormone.

This mechanism of the drug has been studied and clinically proven to significantly increase the chances of pregnancy.


The drug is particularly effective if the infertility is caused by a dysfunction of the ovaries. In addition, the drug is also prescribed during the long period of menstrual bleeding and other diseases. The purchase of Clomid will also be useful for men. The drug helps with oligospermia – a disorder which result in the lack of sperm in the semen.


To restore ovulation, one has to start taking Clomid on the fifth day of the menstrual cycle. The treatment involves the use of 50 mg at bedtime. In the event of the absence of the menstruation, you can start the treatment at any time. If you don’t notice any improvements even after a month, you can increase dose to 150 mg per day.

Doctors often advise patients to take a break and then return to the normal dosage in case the pregnancy cannot be achieved during the first cycle of treatment. Please note that you should be regularly monitored by a gynecologist at all times while under medication.

Side Effects

Before you decide to use the drug, it is necessary to check for some common gynecological disorders. Doctors do not recommend the use of Clomid:

● If you have cysts on the ovaries.

● If you suffer from kidney or liver failure.

● If you have an allergic reaction to the medication.

● During pregnancy.

In other situations, Clomid will not have no impact on your health. Medical tests have not found any conflict of this drug with other medications. However, if you are already under some medication for a different type of disorder, it is always recommended to consult a doctor before you buy Clomid. It is also important to note that a successful drug treatment can lead to multiple pregnancy.

Buying Clomid Online In Australia

It is possible to order Clomid online without prescriptions in Australia. Multiple online medical websites like are popular suppliers of the drug. A box of 30 tablets could cost you around $20. The deliver is usually quick and inexpensive.

While you can perfectly manage to administer the drug by yourself, it is always safer to consult a doctor first in this regard. You could try researching more on the Internet as well. In the case of any known medicine, side effects are common and that is the case with Clomid too.