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With today’s technological advances and booming medical industry, one is hard pressed to think of a completely untreatable illness or disorder. This includes everything from blood sugar issues, to autoimmune diseases, and even the basic biological functions of the human body.

One widely researched venue of medical treatment is to cure, fix, or reverse those which disable and cripple a person’s ability reproduce. Clomid, a prescription medication, has been shown to increase the possibility of reproduction, and it can treat polycystic ovarian syndrome. Polycystic ovarian syndrome is caused by hormone imbalances, resulting in cysts on the ovaries, irregular or absent menstrual cycles, and inability to ovulate or become pregnant.

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Side effects

There are many tests which must be conducted before beginning treatment with Clomid and like many other prescription medications, despite benefits, has a slew of negative side effects. More common side effects resemble those of pregnancy itself, including breast swelling and tenderness, irregular vaginal bleeding, nausea, and vomiting. Clomid is nonsteroidal but still works by stimulating the ovaries to ovulate, thus timing is essential to the successful use of this medication; the patient must be familiar with her ovulation cycle and Clomid must be administered near the time one would expect normal ovulation to occur.

Duration of treatment

It is suggested that treatment should last no more than 6 cycles, as there is an increased risk during use of hormone sensitive cancers (including breast and cervical cancers). Less common but still serious side effects include shortness of breath, decreased urination, and swelling of the abdomen.

Other precautions

Also, as does other infertility treatments, the use of Clomid increases the chance of more than one egg being dispensed by the ovaries and fertilized. This can lead to multiple births, an issue which creates a new slew of risks in and of itself. While Clomid is most often used for the purposes stated above, it’s not just for women; men can also undergo treatment with this medication in order to correct hormonal imbalances caused by pituitary issues. Clomid can increase the count, quality, and mobility of sperm. This is just as big an issue to creating a pregnancy as malfunctioning ovaries.

This works for men because the use of Clomid has been shown to increase the production of testosterone. Low testosterone levels can be to blame for low fertility in men (among other issues). Ironically, though, having too high of testosterone levels is just as destructive as having levels too low. When testosterone levels are too high it works against the quality of sperm production, thus tests must be done to check these levels during treatments and maintain an ideal balance.